Pioneers in EdTech since 99
With over 20 years of experience within the education sector, we are qualified teachers, developers, technical and business specialists. We are passionate about helping teachers and educators plan, create content, meet, work together and share resources in only one platform – Beedle and Microsoft Teams.
Our story
Our founding team of educators and technical specialists were working with a learning management system that required multiple complex third-party integrations. What if we could build a single platform for teaching, learning, communication, and collaboration that wouldn’t require teachers, students, and parents to learn to navigate a new system for each functionality? And Beedle was born.
Hybrid learning essential for the future
The Covid-19 pandemic made remote learning and work a necessity. Though the pandemic is coming to an end, it showed educators the employers the value of hybrid learning and working—which is here to stay—making innovative solutions like Beedle integral to the future of education.
Preferred Microsoft for Education partner
We decided on Microsoft Teams for its ease of use, accessibility, security, and rich features for education. Microsoft has worked closely with us every step of the way, supporting us throughout the development process and helping us deploy our solution to key customers around the world.
What is Beedle?
Beedle adds educational functionality to Microsoft Teams, allowing teachers to continue to do everything they did on paper in a digital environment. Educators, school staff, and students can safely meet, collaborate, create content, and share resources thanks to the simple, intuitive power of Microsoft Teams and Office 365 for Education.
Why we are doing this
Our students are growing up in a digital world. It is our responsibility as educators to prepare our students to not only cope but thrive in a world that depends on technology. Technology is no longer a “plus” in education—it’s a necessity. And it must be incorporated into education to prepare our students for the future.
Our team
Our team around the world are passionate problem solvers, and as former educators, we care deeply about teachers, learners, and community. We truly want our customers and partners to achieve their goals, and this is reflected in our customer-centric approach. Internally at Beedle, we strive to empower and create a humble, creative, and independent workforce.
Our partners
Our global channel of partners are all Microsoft for Education and Teams certified and we greatly value the relationship we have with each of them. We have created an ecosystem that unites software, education, and community to meet the daily needs of schools, educators, students, and parents.
Our customers
The Beedle solutions are trusted by over 700 schools in more than 80 countries. Our customers include schools and other educational organizations who wish to move teaching, learning, and student engagement to a safe, digital, and online environment.
Meet our team
Guðmundur Axelsson
Guðmundur Axelsson

Chief Technology Officer

Melanie Schneider
Melanie Schneider

Chief Executive Officer

Eloise Freygang
Eloise Freygang

Chief Operational Officer

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