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  • Plan lessons in flexible formats
  • Organize Microsoft Teams Assignments
  • Store and reference digital resources
  • Schedule plans in a shared calendar
  • Reuse plans and assignments next year
  • Link objectives to lessons

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  • Record ad-hoc assessment
  • Assess against objectives
  • Manage student groups
  • Record and categorize feedback
  • Reflect and collaborate on lessons
  • Take attendance in class


  • Securely share plans and resources
  • Share learning objectives
  • Provide learning feedback
  • Publish key deadlines
  • Share MS Teams Assignment detail


User testimonials

“Beedle is going to add significant functionality to your Teams Toolbox, by adding the ability to have lesson planning and schemes of work that you can reuse and share with colleagues”.

– Klaus Conrad
Managing Director at Headstart Technology Limited

“The Beedle Planning Tool is an innovative solution for Teams as it allows teachers create and share live documents and that helps streamline how all subject departments collaborate”.

– Ger Hogan
Deputy Principal at Kinsale Community School

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Beedle is built by teachers,
for teachers

Beedle is a solution, made by teachers to simplify the daily tasks of teachers.
With Beedle, teachers can manage all aspects of their work, all from one straightforward solution. Save time, maintain a better overview of your lesson resources and share materials when needed – without even leaving Microsoft Teams. 

Beedle is available in the Microsoft Teams App Store

Microsoft Teams has it’s own App Store which offers a selection of third party apps for various sectors.

If you are using Microsoft Teams with an Educational license, Beedle is available to you! Simply enter the App Store in the lower left corner in Microsoft Teams and search for Beedle to install.

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