Powerful New Functionality
for Teaching in Microsoft Teams


Beedle provides an ideal framework for planning and sequencing lessons.
A hierarchical structure provides the flexibility to store and reference lesson plans in a variety of ways, typically grouped as either a chronological series or a scheme of learning. Each plan is a digital container that may contain free text, attachments, links, learning objectives and Microsoft Teams Assignments.

Learning objectives from your own bespoke framework may be linked to each plan. Microsoft Teams Assignments may be created without leaving Beedle, or existing Assignments linked to a plan.

Each plan may be placed in a shared calendar, visible to teachers and students, allowing for fast navigation to the relevant plan directly from this calendar.
Any section of planning may be copied and reused within the same team, a different team or even during a subsequent academic year—including all resources and Microsoft Teams Assignments associated with the original plans.


Beedle supports teaching during the lesson in many different ways.
Attendance may be registered and different categories of absence recorded, both at the time of the lesson and for past and future lessons.
Student progress may be recorded either through ad-hoc assessment or through assessment against defined learning objectives.

Students may be quickly sorted into different groupings, members of these groups easily managed, and  groups saved for future reference. To support questioning techniques, a random student selector indicates which student should be next and which have already been selected.

Beedle makes it easy for teachers to immediately capture their own reflections on a lesson and record this prominently within the lesson plan.


Any links or attached documents in Beedle may be shared with students, and added to a shared calendar, with clear visibility of which resources are shared and with no risk of students deleting shared resources from the plan. This provides the facility to share information linked to a particular lesson, such as learning objectives, lesson outlines, preparation work and key dates.

Feedback may be recorded and shared with individual students, with the option to share these comments with teachers of the same student across the school. Such comments may be tagged, searched and collated for later reference or to inform reporting.

Microsoft Teams Assignments may be allocated managed within Beedle.

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Find a dedicated space for plans, evaluations and objectives to build a bank of tried-and tested lesson plans. Integrate, organize and reuse Microsoft Teams Assignments with your planning.


Record attendance for each student in a Team with the option to add comments, schedule future absences and view attendance history.


Gain an overview of scheduled lessons and share plans with students. Move quickly between the calendar and individual plans including objectives and Microsoft Teams Assignments.


Record ad-hoc grades or assess against learning objectives, add average and total columns for a better overview.

Class List

Get a quick and functional overview of your class pupils. Quickly select students at random or create groups of any number. Class or group lists can be easily downloaded or printed.


Define success criteria, learning goals and curriculum statements and link these to Beedle Planning, or record learning progress in Beedle Assessment.


Record notes, comments and feedback against students. Tag comments for reference, share them with teachers or students and easily sort them for download or printing.

Guardian App

Share relevant Beedle data and Microsoft Teams Assignment details with Guardians, ensuring parents are informed in a timely manner.

Powerful New Functionality for Teaching in Microsoft Teams

Beedle adds educational functionality into Microsoft Teams, so you can accomplish all your daily activities without leaving Teams. Immediately after installing Beedle you will be able to install Beedle as tabs for your classes. You can immediately start with planning, organizing your Microsoft Teams Assignments, register comments about students, taking attendance in class, capturing ad-hoc assessment or learning progress and much more…

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  • Plan lessons in flexible formats
  • Organize Microsoft Teams Assignments
  • Store and reference digital resources
  • Schedule plans in a shared calendar
  • Reuse plans and assignments next year
  • Link objectives to lessons


  • Record ad-hoc assessment
  • Assess against objectives
  • Manage student groups
  • Record and categorize feedback
  • Reflect and collaborate on lessons
  • Take attendance in class


  • Securely share plans and resources
  • Share learning objectives
  • Provide learning feedback
  • Publish key deadlines
  • Share MS Teams Assignment details

Added value for Guardians

  • Full transparency of Teams Assignments
  • Attendance registration
  • Key deadlines and events
  • Diary comments
  • News and announcements
  • Secure two-way communication

Making learning
transparent for
Guardians / Parents

Education is not a one-way street, but a team sport. With the Beedle Guardian App, parents get access to Beedle and MS Teams functionality so they can take part in the learning progress of their child and follow up on information from their children´s school.

Beedle transforms Microsoft Teams into a Classroom and Learning Management Solution

Beedle makes Microsoft Teams familiar and productive for teachers, while making the IT environment less complex and more robust.

Eliminate duplications of data or synchronization between systems – Beedle works fully with your school setup and data management.

Teachers embrace Microsoft Teams in their daily work

Beedle is built directly in Microsoft Teams and presents a familiar, intuitive environment for planning, teaching, and engaging students and families in the way teachers naturally work. With Beedle and Microsoft Teams teachers find a complete solution for all daily classroom activities.

Shielded behind the Microsoft Cyber Defense Operations

Beedle is securely hosted and run in Microsoft Azure where all data and content is stored, additional documents are saved on your own schools SharePoint environment. Beedle snaps into Microsoft Teams and adopts to your schools Office 365 setup, privacy, and security settings. Student privacy can be assured.

Optimize your Microsoft IT environment

Maintain a single, secure, and manageable technology platform with Beedle as part of your Microsoft Teams environment. With no external system to manage or integrate with, Beedle works with your school setup and data and builds on top; no duplications of data or sync between systems.

Quickly and safely install and try out Beedle, it´s free!

With seamless design, user experience and intuitive workflows; teacher will be enjoying Beedle in a matter of minutes. Get started today by simply installing Beedle directly from your schools Microsoft Teams Apps store.