Beedle brings powerful new functionality for teaching in Microsoft Teams


Beedle provides a complete lesson-planning solution within Microsoft Teams

A hierarchical filing system facilitates the grouping, sequencing, and sharing of lesson plans and learning programs, while a calendar allows plans to be associated with teaching slots. Resources and Microsoft Assignments may be added to plans and students provided with access to files.

  • Lesson planning and resource management
  • Lesson sequencing, scheduling, and sharing
  • Full integration with Microsoft Assignments
  • Re-use across different teams and subsequent years


Beedle provides a suite of handy classroom-management tools

Attendance registration, group management, random selection, and assessment records are all built into the intuitive Class List. Reminders, personal notes, and reflection can be recorded straight into Plans during a lesson and learning progress checked against linked objectives.

  • Attendance recording
  • Random group and student selection
  • Reflection and memos in plans
  • Objectives linked to each lesson


Through a shared calendar, Beedle provides students with controlled access to lesson plans and resources

Feedback and praise can be provided through the Journal, and selected aspects of learning shared with guardians through the Beedle Parent App.

  • Individual and shared feedback
  • Inclusion of parents in the learning process
  • Secure and reliable file sharing

Beedle is trusted by over 700 schools in 87 countries

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