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Beedle helps teachers embrace
Microsoft Teams in their daily work


Beedle Planning provides a quick, easy, and intuitive teacher’s planner

All lessons can be planned in a flexible way and copied to another Class Team. There is a dedicated space for evaluation and objectives, so teachers can quickly build up a bank of tried-and-tested lesson plans and resources. With Beedle Planning, Microsoft Teams Assignments can be integrated within a plan for better organization and collaboration.


The built-in Beedle Calendar provides an overview of scheduled lessons throughout the school year

Lessons scheduled across multiple Teams can be shared with students and viewed within the Calendar. Teachers can quickly move between the Calendar and individual Plans including Objectives and Microsoft Teams Assignments.


Beedle Classroom combines tools for sorting and grouping the students, with tools for recording Attendance and Journal entries

Teachers can quickly select students at random, with or without replacement, and with the option to exclude students from selection. Groups of any number can be created at random, or as required by dragging and dropping, and these lists can easily be downloaded or printed.


Beedle Journal provides a means to record and share notes, comments and feedback

Journal entries may be made against any member of the class, tagged for reference, shared with teachers or the student themselves, and easily sorted and collated for download or printing.


In Beedle Classroom, attendance can recorded for each student in a Team

Beedle Attendance provides for registration and management of all aspects of students’ attendance across the school with the possibility to add comments, schedule future absences and view attendance history.


Beedle assessment provides digital grade books for each class, where teachers may record ad-hoc grades or grade against objectives

Average and total columns can be added, providing a great overview, and linked with particular groups of assessments. Assessments may also be made against learning objectives in Beedle Objectives.


With Beedle Objectives success criteria, learning goals and curriculum statements can be defined and shared with students

The objectives can be linked to Beedle Planning or assessed in Beedle Assessment.


Beedle is trusted by over 700 schools in 87 countries

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