Beedle Training Center

The Beedle Training Center provides in-depth tutorials for each solution area. 


Manage all your short-term and long-term planning. Create plans in a sequence and structure within a hierarchy. Add files and links and share plans and resources with students and colleagues. Link plans to a calendar and share planning with colleagues.

7 videos


Write comments against individual students and share the comments with colleagues or with the student. Use search and filter tools to collate comments and save or print them.

3 videos

Personal Tab

Work with plans, diary comments and class list across all your teams and channels. Share diary comments with all the teachers of a particular student across your organization.

4 videos


See at a glance who is in the class and make random selections of individuals. Generate group lists randomly or by design and keep for future reference.

2 videos


Record assessment data in the form of numbers or grades. Assign scores to different grades and generate averages and totals scores across different groups of assessments.

5 videos


View your plans by the day, week, or month. Choose which teams and channels to include and move quickly between calendar and plans.

1 video