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Last updated: November 25, 2019

Mentor ehf (Fellsmúli 26, Iceland, P:+354 520 5310) is dedicated to protect privacy and confidentiality. This privacy policy describes how Mentor ehf processes Beedle’s users personal data.


Beedle is operated by Mentor ehf, a software company which has developed educational solutions to support teaching and learning for over twenty years. Beedle provides a planning tool inside Microsoft Teams to organise teachers resources. It allows teachers to create, edit and upload long and short term plans. Furthermore, Beedle provides easy navigation to stored resources needed for the day, by providing a ‘link to calendar’ option. Although developed for teachers and those working within education, Beedle enriches any document-rich sector that would profit from a file organisation system that encourages collaborative working.

Beedle can be found in the App Store within Microsoft Teams. To use Beedle, the school or teacher (hereafter the user) therefore, needs to have a Microsoft 365 Licence. The user is the data controller of the information he creates, uploads or shares to Beedle and is to ensure that this processing is fair and lawful (see Terms of Use). Mentor ehf is the data controller regarding the process of personal data the user shares with the company when adding Beedle to Microsoft Teams.

Personal data

When a user adds Beedle and it’s service, we collect: their name, Office 365 user Id, email address, Office 365 tenant details (id, name, country and tenant type (e.g. EDU)), role (e.g. teacher or student), browser, and the IP Address to be able to identify the user and administer the account. This data is used to improve the Service, for error reporting, marketing research and marketing activities – including those one social media platforms and personalized ads on search networks. All data collected will only and with out exception be used for Beedle.

Data Storage

The data is stored within EU/EEA and the service runs in Microsoft‘s Azure Cloud Service (North Europe), which is located in Ireland. The Beedle database stores plan names, file names and links to the SharePoint URLs, meaning the content of the files themselves can‘t be directly accessed by Beedle Team members. When users delete files from their SharePoint, all links and file names will be deleted from Beedle as well.

Web Storage

Beedle uses HTML5 LocalStorage to optimise user experience. LocalStorage stores data on the user‘s computer enabling faster load times. Unlike Cookies LocalStorage is not readable except by the user‘s browser and is not sent to the server. Beedle does not use LocalStorage to track users. The user can erase all LocalStorage by clearing the browsers cache.


Mentor ehf as data controller and data processor, is strongly committed to process personal data with the appropriate security measures to ensure its protection. Mentor ehf operates according to the requirements of ISO-27001 information security standards. All security measures that are taken are based on data classification and data process impact assessments. The company has a written security policy and conducts a regular data processing risk assessment. A regular review and assessment of the effectiveness of technical and organizational security measures for ensuring the security of all processing of data is conducted and is led by Mentor’s Data Security Officer.

User rights

All data subjects from whom Mentor ehf collects personal information has the right to know what information is collected and stored about them within the company. This privacy policy has identified what information in detail and for what purpose. Users can request access to their personal information and ask Mentor ehf to correct any inaccuracies in the personal information. Users also have the right to object to data processing or have their personal information erased or deleted by contacting Mentor’s Data Protection Officer

Changes and revision

Please note that this Privacy Policy will be regularly reviewed and may change accordingly, as to reflect change of the service, Mentor’s business operation, handling of personal data and laws at any given time.


If a user believes that the processing of personal information at Mentor ehf in any case does not comply with applicable data protection laws or regulations and does not adhere to safe data processing methods, they can send an complaint or notice to our Data Protection Officer ( Users have also the right to seek out the appropriate Data Protection Authority if they believe their privacy rights have been infringed upon or if they believe privacy laws have been broken.


If there are any concerns, comments or requests about this Privacy Policy and processing of the personal data, please contact our Data Protection Officer (


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