Adding Beedle to Teams

Adding Beedle to Microsoft Teams

Beedle is an add-in to Microsoft Teams which is downloadable through the App Store within Microsoft Teams.
Install Beedle and 
add Beedle planning to any of your classes for free!

You can add Beedle to your Microsoft Teams through the following methods;

  • By adding a Beedle tab to a team in Microsoft Teams,
  • By adding Beedle from the sidebar in Microsoft Teams,
  • From the App Store within Microsoft Teams,
  • From Microsoft Appsource HERE

Please note: After Beedle has been added to your school, administrator consent is required before first use. Please refer to our admin consent information below.


Admin consent information

Beedle requires admin consent before first useIf you do not have sufficient access to do this, ask your administrator to click the link  for the Beedle module you wish to add, here below:
CLICK HERE to approve Beedle Class List and Student Diary
CLICK HERE to approve Beedle Planning
CLICK HERE to approve all Beedle Modules


Alternatively, you can send your admin this link to approve; or follow one of the methods above to add and approve Beedle within Microsoft Teams.

For information regarding required permissions and usages, please see our FAQ section.