Beedle brings all aspects of learning and classroom management together.

Beedle is an app for teams, directly available in the Microsoft Teams app Store.

This comprehensive set of education tools makes it easy for teachers to manage learning without ever leaving Microsoft Teams.

Beedle offers both Free modules (an interactive Class List and Diary, Planning linked to a Calendar, and Assessment tracking – incorporating Microsoft Assignments), and a full EduSpace suite, adding on Attendance, a linked Curriculum builder and an optional Guardian app.

Teachers can store digital lesson resources, organise their daily work, share content with colleagues and students, mark attendance, grade assessments and create curriculum-assessment frameworks—all within Microsoft Teams.

Our stand-alone Guardian app allows parents and carers to track attendance, receive messages from teachers, see assessment grades and more…

Modules you can use for free with Beedle

Beedle Planning

Beedle planning tool allows teachers to store their lesson resources and organise them in a way that suits them. The tool provides the teacher with an overview of all stored documents and allows them to link each plan to their class calendar.

Beedle Class List

Beedle class list provides teachers with an overview of all students in their class which they can export to Excel or Word. The class list includes functionality for the teachers to randomly pick a student and to split the class into random groups.

Beedle Assessments

Assess classes against your own mark schemes, in number and text format. You can apply calculations to cells and columns. You can now add assessment against learning objectives, tags and associated filters, and downloading to Excel.

Beedle Diary

With Beedle diary you can make quick comments about students and tag them with a customised category. Comments can be made private or shared with other teachers or the students themselves. Comments in a class or per student can be filtered and exported.

Microsoft Case Study on Beedle and Kinsale School

Beedle builds on Microsoft Technology and Solutions

Beedle uses Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Azure, Graph API and Single-Sign-On.

Beedle is currently available in Microsoft Teams from the Teams App Store. We use Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, Single-Sign-On, as well as Microsoft Graph and the Graph Toolkit. Beedle has integrations with Microsoft Assignments in Teams, to allow cross functionality between Beedle modules and Microsoft Assignments.

Beedle works closely with various Microsoft technical teams as we strive to make use of the latest and greatest tools and technologies. Beedle integrates with the schools own Microsoft 365 environments and makes extensive use of the Microsoft Graph and MGT.

We are an active Microsoft Partner and provide feedback on early work from Microsoft, including the Microsoft Graph, MGT and Azure. We have  participated and shared our development with Microsoft in sessions at Build and various Microsoft Events.

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