Modules you can use for free with Beedle

Beedle Planning

Beedle planning tool allows teachers to store their lesson resources and organise them in a way that suits them. The tool provides the teacher with an overview of all stored documents and allows them to link each plan to their class calendar.

Beedle Class List

Beedle class list provides teachers with an overview of all students in their class which they can export to Excel or Word. The class list includes functionality for the teachers to randomly pick a student and to split the class into random groups.

Beedle Assessments

Assess classes against your own mark schemes, in number and text format. You can apply calculations to cells and columns. You can now add assessment against learning objectives, tags and associated filters, and downloading to Excel.

Beedle Diary

With Beedle diary you can make quick comments about students and tag them with a customised category. Comments can be made private or shared with other teachers or the students themselves. Comments in a class or per student can be filtered and exported.

Beedle is an App in
Microsoft Teams

Beedle is available to you directly from the Microsoft Teams App Store.
Microsoft Teams has it’s own App Store which offers a selection of third party apps for various sectors. 
If you are using Microsoft Teams with an Educational license, Beedle is available to you! 
Simply enter the App Store from your Microsoft Teams and search for Beedle to install it.

Installation is easy!

Simply search for Beedle in the Microsoft Teams App Store and go through our onboarding process.

Installing Beedle is easy – once you have searched for Beedle in the Microsoft Teams App Store, our onboarding process will guide you through the setup. 
Please note that if you are the first teacher to install Beedle in your school or organisation, you might require Administrator approval – Don’t worry, we provide all the necessary information in our onboarding.

Beedle is added on top of your Teams

Beedle only works with the access you have already added to Microsoft Teams. 

With Beedle, your data, content and material are hosted securely on Microsoft Azure and the SharePoint you have configured with Microsoft Teams. For further details, please refer to our Data Protection Agreement, Privacy Policy or Terms of Use, and our FAQ section. If in need of further details about anything, feel free to drop us a line at

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