Beedle Training Center

Record assessment data in the form of numbers or grades. Assign scores to different grades and generate averages and totals scores across different groups of assessments.

Assessments: Adding numeric assessment columns

Add new assessment columns to record numerical scores. Name columns and set the maximum score for each. Add data to columns and change the order in which columns are displayed.

Assessments: Adding assessment columns with no mark scheme

Add assessment columns for free-text entries.

Assessments: Adding text assessment columns

Add assessment columns for non-numeric grades. Create a new mark scheme to assign points to each grade or use an existing mark scheme.

Assessments: Average and total columns

Display or hide the average and total scores across the class. Include or exclude any column from the calculations.

Assessments: Filtering and downloading assessments

Create filters to view particular assessment columns. Filter by date and/or column type. View average and total scores within the filter and download results.

Other Module Tutorials

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